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Well, when I was a little girl I would spend hours flipping through the pages of a huge catalogue called "Quelle" that my father had brought from Germany. It had glossy pages full of beautiful pictures of lovely rooms, furniture and furnishing and was written in a language I could not decipher. But I think the pictures left an ever lasting impression on my mind and I grew up to be 'me' who drools not over food (or that too!) but good interior design, colors and photography. I also passionately love coffee, films, books, music, white gladioli, solitude, risotto, donuts, and my life (not exactly always in that order). I live in Bombay, India with my husband and little daughter and they both have changed my life in many beautiful ways.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Nothing makes me more happy than browsing pictures of kids' rooms. And today I spent a whole lot of time doing just that. Saw tons of pictures, visited countless nursery and playrooms on Pinterest. The result is a big happy grin on my face and loads of ideas in my head for my little one's playroom. I am sharing some of the most adorable finds of the day.

Image sources: 1-5. here; 6. here; 7. here; & 8. here

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