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Well, when I was a little girl I would spend hours flipping through the pages of a huge catalogue called "Quelle" that my father had brought from Germany. It had glossy pages full of beautiful pictures of lovely rooms, furniture and furnishing and was written in a language I could not decipher. But I think the pictures left an ever lasting impression on my mind and I grew up to be 'me' who drools not over food (or that too!) but good interior design, colors and photography. I also passionately love coffee, films, books, music, white gladioli, solitude, risotto, donuts, and my life (not exactly always in that order). I live in Bombay, India with my husband and little daughter and they both have changed my life in many beautiful ways.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Creating a nursery with a muted color palette or a playroom with storage efficient furniture and vibrant decor is an almost unachievable dream, specially if you live in India. And more so if you are in the habit of frequenting the websites of Potterybarn, Ikea, West Elm, Serena & Lilly and many more of such kind. The images and the products I ogle at on the web world are actually quite impossible to incorporate in the decor because either they are not available in India or even if they can be  shipped from abroad, the costs can cut a real big hole in your pocket. 

Then, where should the young and new parents go, if they want something different and non-typical for their little ones? It is frustrating not to find functional yet adorable furniture for the playroom that I have been dreaming of setting up for months. Well, till now it was the UK based brand Mothercare I heavily relied upon for all my daughter's clothes and nursery items but unfortunately they don't have furnishing or furniture for the playroom. 

So, I thought it is time I dug up and shared some pictures of what an Indian brand Sotomoto is creating. Quite impressive!

Color riot at the Sotomoto store, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, India

If you want to do up your little one's playroom/nursery  in a bright and joyful decor, store books and toys in 'kantha-clad trunks' or want a four-poster bed to encourage your little one's independent sleeping habit, then Sotomoto in  Hauz Khas, New Delhi is the destination for you. I have been following them on their Facebook page Sotomoto for a while now and I recommend you do so too and discover their beautiful collection of nursery mobiles-'Things-on-Wings',  'Umbrella Fella'-window coverings, 'Bellyphants and Longfellows' printed boxes and quilts or their very attractive and comfy looking Storytime chair from the collection that essentially stems from craft and textile tradition of India. 

Here are some of my favorites from Sotomoto.

This printed fabric called "Umbrella Fellas" is available by the meter for window covering.
I could use them for couch upholstery as well.  

'Growing Solo' table and chair set

I love these for the obvious reason (Ikat print meets my love for doggies)

Isn't it cute?

Story time chair. On my wishlist already.

Sotomoto also offers customized services and design consultancy. I only wish they had an online catalogue indicating the price range and some more varieties of rugs and bed linens in softer color palette. 

All images via Sotomoto


  1. Will soon be converting toy room into proper Samhita Room. Will refer to all these tips then. :-)

    1. Yes yes and you are going to have loads of fun doing that...I just finished setting up Nayantaara's den :)