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Well, when I was a little girl I would spend hours flipping through the pages of a huge catalogue called "Quelle" that my father had brought from Germany. It had glossy pages full of beautiful pictures of lovely rooms, furniture and furnishing and was written in a language I could not decipher. But I think the pictures left an ever lasting impression on my mind and I grew up to be 'me' who drools not over food (or that too!) but good interior design, colors and photography. I also passionately love coffee, films, books, music, white gladioli, solitude, risotto, donuts, and my life (not exactly always in that order). I live in Bombay, India with my husband and little daughter and they both have changed my life in many beautiful ways.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


 I can't tell for sure what  I like the most, when it comes to making a choice from the hundreds of pictures that I scan when I feel like sharing a house tour on this blog! I look till I find that one thing in the overall decor of the house that compels  me to write about it. It could just be a neat desk placed in front of a large window or an open kitchen shelf full of a lovely collection of ceramics. Or sometimes it is just  a small apartment with pretty nooks that makes me sit up and take special notice. I always say that when you love your home, it shows in its every corner. And that's exactly what I felt when I saw this colorful yet simple, small yet spacious, neat yet unkempt apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina where lives a girl who is an artist/illustrator.
The wall behind the black sofa brings so much character to the living room
Is that a collage of fabrics on the wall! 
Different colors and fabrics put together so well
Yellow coffee table, plants on the book shelf. Totally love it!  
I like the colorful bedspread and cloth animals hanging from the mirror (is it from India!) 
Some details in the bedroom. There is prettiness in every corner!  
I love the branches and bird painted on the refrigerator and the peacock feathers on the door!
She is a bird lover. 
Such a pretty balcony (and the umbrella and boots)
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  1. Yup! it's all in the details!

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  2. Wow,It was very very amazing....Thanks for sharing :)

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  3. It's a gorgeous home, full of colour and personality. Thanks for leaving a msg on my blog, Cush & Nooks, and introducing me to your blog. I love Indian textiles, the beautiful colours and patterns, so I look forward to following your blog posts :) x

    1. Vic Bibby I am so glad you dropped by my blog : )) I am a big fan of your lovely & inspiring blog Cush & Nooks....